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Technology should work for your business and personal life, but sometimes it gets frustrating. For example, your VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection keeps failing, or you struggle to remain compliant with industry and government regulations. Additionally, you could find it difficult to get professional IT support services, or you end up paying for more services than you use.

Lucky for you, Island IT Services has got your back. We can help you with your VoIP and other IT issues. So get in touch today through text, call, or email.

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Business Telephone Solutions in Cape Coral

We offer VoIP business telephone solutions to suit your needs. VoIP uses an internet connection to build affordable business-class phone systems, and it’s the next generation of business phone services. Switching to a VoIP service provider can save you thousands in tariff costs, empower your team with advanced features, and reduce inefficiencies associated with traditional analog phone lines.

Island IT provides low-cost but fully scalable VoIP solutions customized to fit your business needs. We handle all your phone service requirements from the initial installation to ongoing maintenance via our fully managed solution.


VoIP telephone service has the following benefits:


  • High-quality service: VoIP supported by high internet speeds improves your telephone call and audio quality.
  • It has an excellent infrastructure backed by carrier networks and data centers to ensure 99.99% uptime.
  • Low cost: Switching to our telephone service saves you up to 50% of your telephone bills.
Business Telephone
  • Our solution is scalable across your entire organization, including remote locations.
  • Email support: VoIP allows you to get voicemail recordings and transcriptions in your email.
  • Fully customizable: We can build a unique solution for your business to cater for voicemail, call recording, music on hold, and conferences.
  • Customer support: We provide 24/7 service support for your business.

Business Internet Solutions in Cape Coral

Island IT provides leading business internet solutions in Cape Coral. We provide fiber, cable, and wireless internet connection options to empower small businesses and large corporations alike. We design our broadband internet connection solutions to suit your business needs, whether it’s fast download speeds or a cost-effective solution.

At Island IT, we offer the best deals, reliability and uptime, simplicity, unmatched internet speeds, and responsive support 24/7. We provide the following suite of broadband internet service options:

  • Wireless LTE failover
  • Business fiber
  • DSL Always-on internet
  • Cable internet

Business Failover Internet in Cape Coral

Internet uptime is critical in today’s connected world, whether you are making a call, providing public Wi-Fi, sharing a file with your team remotely, or backing up data on the cloud.

We understand how critical internet uptime is for business success and ensure our business broadband connection is fast and reliable. Therefore, we safeguard against things like provider downtime, power outages, damage to your network equipment, system maintenance, and cyberattacks, which can all cause downtime.

Since no business is immune to downtime, we also offer a failover internet service for your peace of mind. We provide you with a backup internet connection to stay connected should your primary connection fail. This helps you:

  • Improve your connectivity and profitability
  • Store your backups off-site
  • Restore your internet fast if your primary connection fails
  • Deliver reliable and higher service levels

IT Support and Security in Cape Coral

At Island IT, we take pride in providing proactive managed services, business internet, cybersecurity solutions, preventative maintenance, and fast IT support from our help desk. We don’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach and believe in providing tailored solutions to fit your unique business needs.

We support organizations of different sizes, from small family-run businesses to large corporations. We have experience working with big-name corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Intermedia, and Sophos. Our IT support services cover the following:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud hosting services
  • IT consulting
  • Data backup and retention
  • Ransomware protection
  • New office setup and moves

Security and Compliance in Cape Coral

HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating. However, we can help your business comply with all industry and government regulations.

Security and compliance are almost two sides of the same coin, and both have the same goal – risk mitigation. Since the two go hand-in-hand, organizations need to have the right policies and employee training in place. However, many entities find it challenging to deploy, protect, and maintain their technology.

Regulatory compliance is not always easy to understand, but we can help you adhere to applicable standards, regulations, laws, and codes. Willful and accidental data breaches can lead to lawsuits from affected parties, steep government fines, and reputation damage.

So don’t neglect your security and regulatory compliance because the financial risk is too great. At Island IT, we provide comprehensive security risk analysis, planning, and assessment to ensure your network and systems are safe from cyberattacks. We also help you meet regulatory requirements.

Technical Support in Cape Coral

Our local support options can help you with any problem with your internet connection, computers, and mobile devices. Hardware and software maintenance and technical support are critical to running your systems. Therefore, our services are available 24/7 to ensure continuous system availability.

Our comprehensive portfolio of technical support and maintenance services protects your IT environment. We offer experienced technicians,  flexible service-level options, and an extensive parts network to meet your unique business needs.

Internet Statement Review in Cape Coral

Do Comcast and CenturyLink bills confuse you? We can help you review them to ensure you only pay for what you need and get what you pay for. Billing statements are essential because they include critical information like financial transactions. Our statement review services also ensure financial statements conform with the relevant financial reporting framework like IFRS or GAAP.

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