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Are you looking to improve how your law firm manages its information technology (IT) needs?

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Then you need a law firm IT company that you can trust to get the job done. At Island IT, we provide professionals like law firms with the help they need to implement their required IT specifications. To do this, we utilize a wide range of law firm IT services that we know are essential to your day-to-day operations.


Law Firm IT Services

We cover a wide range of services, and these can include (but are not limited to):

Law Firm IT Consulting

This service is essential to help you examine the existing systems that you have in place and determine upgrade pathways. Our expertise means that we can find easy ways to help you solve common IT problems you might face. Issues like reducing downtime and/or improving operational efficiency are key parts of our service.

Let us develop and draft a series of recommendations, and then build a roadmap for implementation. When you are ready, we can begin to implement the agreed solutions we recommend.

Law Firm IT Support

When your IT system goes down, it can have a detrimental impact on your day-to-day performance. We can help you out by keeping your systems operational, ensuring that you can see improvements in service levels with little to no downtime guaranteed. We can also provide support to help you improve your response times to clients thanks to having a more robust system in place.

We can also provide you with additional on-site support. Should a problem come up in your local law firm that needs someone to attend, we can send a technician to handle the issue.

Law Firm IT Security

Legal experts understand more than most the importance of having security in their IT infrastructure. By using secure data centers and complying in full with HIPAA security requirements, we improve security immediately. Our team can then focus on delivering quality, safe, and robust IT services which are completely secure.

We understand that security is not something you can really take any gambles with. As such, we use plans to keep your business operating smoothly. This leaves you with IT systems that are robust, safe, and secured. Now, your staff can work with total confidence that the job can be done without any potential security issues.

Network Installation, Security, and Configuration

Of course, installing a network is a confusing process – even for those with experience. We can assist you by providing a service tailored to preparing, setting up, and securing every part of your network. We can then ensure best practice is followed every step of the way. This means that your configurations are safe, your security protocols are in place, and your network is designed to be as swift as it was promised to be.

New Office Setups & Moves

Whether you are moving into a new office for the first time or you are relocating across the city, our law firm IT company can assist. We can handle the physical aspect as well as ensure that your network is set up and installed properly in your new premises. This allows for you to begin operations in your new office without any hiccups, performance bottlenecks, or security flaws waiting to be exploited.

IT Disaster Recovery Services for Law Firms

Should something go wrong with your IT system, you need someone who can step-in to restore functionality. We offer this service, providing comprehensive backup and recovery solutions. From a technical fault to a ransomware attack to natural disasters causing damage, we can ensure that all of your IT systems are secured and restorable. 

This is all managed using enterprise monitoring tools that allows us to know when, where, and why a problem took place. Now, you can always find out the root cause of a loss of data whilst also having access to a reliable, actionable backup plan that can be enacted whenever you need it.

Why are Island IT Pros The Best Law For Law Firm IT Support Services?

You should always look to get support and assistance from a professional who understands your needs. As a law firm IT company, we can provide a service which is designed to simplify the process of moving from one office to the next, or simply improving where you are at present. With so many IT support specialists out there, though, what makes us the right choice for your law firm?

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Customer Support Focused

We know that it is vital that every business is given a customer support platform they can rely upon. We do this by having various methods of contact and high availability. This means that when problems hit in peak hours or right before a major case, you do not have to worry.

Our team can provide timely support both on-site and remotely, depending on the situation unfolding. With expert tech staff, we can make sure that we understand your problem and deliver the right solutions consistently.

We Take A Listen First Approach

Another key reason to hire our expertise is that we always take what is known as a “listen first” approach to IT support. We let you tell us about the issue in full, we support our diagnosis with open-ended questioning, and we always take in your full answer before responding.

Other law firm IT companies might be keen to give you the answer before you have even explained the issue. We are here to help you, support you, and listen to where your problems exist. By listening first, we act only when we are prepared.

Local & Onsite Support

We provide both local and onsite support through our law firm IT company. We make sure you are hiring staff who can come to your local facility should a physical problem emerge. Should the problem seem like something caused without the need to wait for an on-site specialist, though, we can deliver you with remote, local support. This saves time being wasted and allows us to deliver easy to understand and implement solutions for non-physical issues.

Service Area

As a local law firm IT company our services can be used all across Florida. The main areas that we focus on include:  


Lee County:
Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Pine Island, Iona, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers, Buckingham, Estero

Collier County:
Naples, Marco Island, Ave Maria, North Naples, Immokalee, Golden Gate

Charlotte County:
Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Babcock Ranch, North Port, Englewood

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